Dr. phil. Helen Rupp

Practice for individual health and joy of living

Systemic card readings allow to find clarity in manifold life situations. The special form that i have developed over the years combines the potentials of tarot readings with those of family constellations work. Thus, systemic cartomancy brings together the healing impulses of the cards that we intuitively draw in the present moment with the transforming powers of a systemic constellation.
Regardless of whether it is about relationships with family, partners, friends or at the workplace, systemic card reading represents an effective tool to solve blockages in the system. When life energy flows freely again, we find abundance on the health-related, spiritual, material and interpersonal level. On a higher plane through the systemic work with the cards a harmonious order is created, which then can unfold itself in your life as more health and happiness.

The whole life – a gift!