Dr. phil. Helen Rupp

Practice for individual health and joy of living

Biodanza means Dance of Life and is a holistic system that enhances our joy of living, physical health and social skills by using movement to music, dance and contact in a group.

A Biodanza session or vivencia lasts about two hours and consists in twelve to fifteen exercises done with specifically selected music, whereby each one is explained and demonstrated briefly. Sometimes there are dances by ourselves, sometimes with a partner and again and again with the whole group. In Biodanza the dances and songs vary in each lesson while the general structure remains the same. We start with a round where we introduce ourselves and exchange verbally, then there are several physically stimulating dances followed by more calm exercises, to finally conclude the Biodanza session after a stage of relaxation and recreation with a few activating dances.

As Biodanza is about the individual experiencing it is open to all people independently from their previous dancing skills and physical fitness.

A new weekly Biodanza group will soon start in Reutlingen (near Stuttgart and Tübingen)!
Exact place and time to be announced.

Let your life dance!