Dr. phil. Helen Rupp

Healer & Coach
Practice for individual health and joy of living

Helen Rupp - Naturopath & Coach

Welcome to the website of my practice for individual health and joy of living in Reutlingen in the South of Germany near Stuttgart and Tübingen! I completed my training as a non-medical practitioner (Heilpraktikerin) at the Berlin School of Medicine (Berliner Schule für Heilkunde). Through my work Living My Way I bring the focus from the path of life, which contains the idea that we are heading for a goal in the future, to the way of life that brings us into the here and now. As a healer, innerwise coach and biodanza facilitator I support my clients to become healthy, successful and happy in their unique way.

Individual Health for Body & Soul

As a naturopath I treat every person with physical or psychological symptoms as a unique being. I assume that what is healthy for us and what makes us ill differs individually. What represents a healthy diet for one person can lead to abdominal pain or skin rash for another due to food intolerance. Each body also speaks its own language. While one person may experience relationship problems or professional stress as migraine or back pain, the other may experience acne or neurodermatitis.
My method of working with intuitive diagnostics and healing allows me to recognize the individual causes of health problems and to find the appropriate remedy through kinesiological testing. Besides homeopathy, salts of Schüssler, Aura Soma, Spagyrik, Bach flowers and other natural remedies I may also "prescribe" a crystal, a power animal or a book.

Practice for individual health and joy of living

If you are interested in my therapy and coaching sessions as holistic health practitioner and innerwise coach, simply contact me to arrange a personal appointment. I would be happy to welcome you in my practice in the old town of Reutlingen (near Tübingen and Stuttgart), only a 10 minutes walk from Reutlingen main station.
Sessions are also possible worldwide by phone or skype call and also in English, French or Spanish.

Find what brings you health and happiness!